The most important item in every archer equipment is that his backpack companion named Ava's Device.

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WEAPONS. When training Ranged ability you'll be using thrown weapons, crossbows, bows, Salamanders, Chinchompas and other weaponry which allows killing your competitors from the distance. Within this guide, I'll divide it into RS gold three classes depending on where you are in your expertise now.

The most important item in every archer equipment is that his backpack companion named Ava's Device. This product automatically picks up ammunition out of the floor for you. If you are planning on leveling Ranged ability and utilizing costly ammunition that is must have. Ava's Devices have best bonuses to Ranged ability from all cape slot products, they save you both money and time by automatic pickups and they are able to also attract some random crap to your stock. You are able to acquire this item by finishing Animal Magnetism quest which requires completion of Priest in Peril, Ernest the Chicken and Restless Ghost quests. You'll also require level 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Ranged along with 35 Woodcutting. There are three distinct devices which you could get.

Avas Attractor - If you're below level 50 on your Ranged ability you may obtain this one as a reward from the quest. This piece of equipment automatically picks up 60 percent of the ammunition. 20 percent of it breaks (which is normal for all ammunition types) and 20 percent of it is left on the floor. It supplies too +2 bonus for your Ranged precision.Morytania. Main reward: Morytania Legs 4. Yet another bit of armor in this record, that stats resemble those with adamantine equivalent. Similarly to other things, it isn't a product worn for stats but also for bonuses that come out of sporting. The most notable advantage is probably the teleportation aspect. Morytania Legs 4 provides users unlimited teleports to Slime Pit beneath Ectofuntus every evening and unlimited teleports into Burgh De Rott. The first one is used during Prayer training in Ectofuntus, and the second one makes the path to Barrows much shorter. When it comes to Barrows, this item also enhances rune fall rates within this minigame by 50 percent.

Players, who wish to farm Mort Myre Fungi, will be pleased to hear this leg piece doubles their spawn rate when casting Bloom. A 50% chance to avoid being attacked by Ghasts in the swamp area will make this process much more enjoyable.

There is also more: Morytania Legs 4 act for a Ghost Speak Amulet, burning Shade Remains provide an extra 50% exp in both Prayer and Firemaking, 10% more experience from Slayer tower missions, shortcut to the estuary on Mos Le' Harmless, 100% exp from Bonecrusher bone marrow, access into the Harmony Island herb patch and more. Without a doubt, Morytania Legs offer more variety in the form of buy OSRS gold bonuses than any other Achievement Diary benefits, but not all them might prove to be useful.