This is a very good set that will you can get without spending gold.

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On top of this, you may get more benefits for RS gold opening Medium Casket than you want an Easy one (which means you can anticipate things like shield h3, shield h2, or helm h3). Besides Ranger Boots on a unique fall list, you could even find Spiked Manacles that cost over 1 million. The remaining rewards are not as valuable as these two items.

Reward Casket (hard) Though it's quite a similar unique drop table concerning value to Medium Casket - from challenging difficulty, you have a chance at roll from the mega-rare dining table. You can be given many different extremely expensive things such as 3rd Age Equipment and Gilded Parts together with the worth of tens or even hundreds of millions (like 3rd Age Platebody). Additionally, things from a unique fall table are valuable as there are just four that cost more than 1 million golden. On top of this, you receive more rolls at rewards with a Difficult Clue than using a Medium One, therefore in general, those scrolls should give superior drops. The difference between this casket along with the previous one is that you've got better chances of getting Gilded drops and a small bit smaller opportunity of Third Age items. There are also less regular drops with low overall worth and more of those with 1-10 million value like Fury Ornament Kit, Saradomin Ornament Kit, Ranger Chaps, Ranger Gloves, Sagacious Spectacles, Fremennik Kilt, Black Tuxedo Jacket, White Tuxedo Jacket or Dark Trousers.

Reward Casket (master) Last but not least, we've got the best possible Reward Casket which you are able to get from a Clue Scroll. In this one, even in the normal fall table, players may get many different rather costly products. Since one casket of the tier have around 1 million in benefits value, you should see there items from above 100k gold range very often. The quantity of cheap equipment is not as wide, and because of this, in general, you can make a high gain from Master Caskets. Players can also receive unique and mega-rare drops as in prior circumstances.

This is a very good set that will you can get without spending gold. You need only 42 in most battle stats except Prayer which demands level 22. The set provides very good defensive bonuses comparable to Red Dragonhide set also as +10% precision and damage bonuses which later can be upgraded to +12,5 percent. It's amazing in PvE whilst combating low defence enemies and in PvP because it can't be dropped or buy RuneScape gold ruined under level 20 Wilderness.