In both spirits and bones - the better item that you use - that the more costly it receives and also more experience it

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In both spirits and bones - the better item that you use - that the more costly it receives and also more experience it provides. A few of the items will have better expertise per gold invested ratio than others and some will award huge chunks of expertise at a extremely quick time but will also cost a lot. It's essential to OSRS gold take into account how much you can afford to spend and what level of prayer you would like to achieve. There are many calculators on the internet where you can find out what bones will probably be most efficient for you. Calculate on these amount of bones required.

If you don't have time or simply don't want to look it up - typically Dragon bones and Wyvern bones supply most efficient gold to exp ratio so they are a good deal. If it comes to ensouled heads Kalphite heads are very good choice since it would take around 50mil to take you from level 1 to 99. In case you have 93 Magic you might look at using Dragon heads because expertise rates are incredibly good and it cost around 90mil to get to 99 (that for prayer is in fact quite cheap). Other choices like Ensouled Bloodveld Head are not as worth it. Before moving on with this particular OSRS prayer guide it is worth noting that prayer is a very pricey skill to train. Reaching high prayer levels call for a great deal of gold to be invested but at the exact same time it is among the easiest skills to train if you're wealthy. To save money and level up as much as you are able to try to always use the most efficient procedures.

That is almost always a major mistake of new players and those who don't know other procedures to level up prayer. We don't recommend to do this. Burying bones is always a bad idea - even when you are level 1 f2p participant it would be more profitable to bank regular bones or big bones (which are best free to perform bones) and use them on any altar compared to bury them. Read guide further to see approaches that are worth of your time and remember - never bury bones on your own.

Straight in the worst possible Prayer leveling method we're coming to possibly fastest one. The majority of the players who wish to level up their prayer use Gilded Altars situated in Player Owned Houses (POH) to achieve that. Don't worry - you don't need 75 Construction to begin using one although if you own you can get one in your house. This method is very good because trips between acquiring bones and losing them are extremely fast and do not require virtually anything. If you want to get started using Gilded Altars follow these steps:

Bring all of the bones you would like to sacrifice as a noted items. Get some gold and completely free rest of the stock slots (leave bones and gold). Travel to the Rimmington (easy Method of getting there requires Amulet of Glory to tp into Old School RS Gold Draynor Village). Change World to 330 which is official server location for Player Housing. Go close to NPC Phials generally shop - He will unnote bones for you at a cost of 5 per. Proceed near House portal site - folks will be there announcing various Player Owned Houses. Select among the titles told by individuals and click on the portalsite. Use go to friends house option and type selected name