What is HALAL Certification, what are its requirements and benefits?

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Halal certification is a means by that a revered, competent, and impartial body audits the production in question, confirms that production is carried out following halal standards, associate degreed accordingly provides an approved document. along with the condition of being halal in food, health compliance and purity must also be the conditions. With HALAL Certification in Portugal is ensured that acceptable food and consumable merchandise are created for the Muslim client. This includes the 1.5 billion Muslims and alternative variant people within the world preferring halal food. According to standard, Halal Certification covering the product and control of the production processes of the product includes the production of a large variety of food like meat, chicken, fish products, additives, spices, also it includes serving places like restaurants, pastry shops, cafeterias.

Why halal certification?

  • With a consumer base of concerning one.9 billion Muslims across 112 countries, the Halal market size is calculable to value trillions of people greenbacks.
  • The booming Muslim population within the geographical region, North African country, South and South Asia, the previous Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and China present a lucrative chain for the food market.
  • Today, the 2 largest markets for Halal merchandise area unit consumables and also the geographical region.
  • These areas equal quite four hundred million Muslim customers.
  • There is associate degree increasing demand for Halal-certified merchandise.
  • As Muslims do solely eat Halal food, however, non-Muslims will eat Halal food
  • A Halal certificate may be a guarantee that merchandise suits the Muslim dietary needs.
  • HALAL in Portugal will enhance the marketability of your merchandise.

Requirements for Halal Certification

  • All processes of the merchandise, ranging from the staple to the ultimate product stage, suits the Muslim criteria and humanitarian needs in terms of origin, provide technique and suggests that furthermore as supplying all substances and additives gift within the product composition,
  • Good producing practices (GMP), sensible hygiene practices (GHP), and HACCP needs should be provided,
  • Both the assembly stages of the merchandise, and every one element takes place within the product composition, furthermore because the attainable effects, which might occur once every element of the merchandise composition gathers within the product, should carry the suitable qualifications for the Muslim criteria, in terms of humanitarian needs, health and cleanliness needs, nutritionary needs.

What area unit the advantages of the HALAL Certificate?

  • HALAL Certification Service in Portugal provides associate degree impartial professional service that audits merchandise, additives, preparation and process strategies, improvement and health conditions in strict safety rules,
  • Provides associate degree audit dead by the key personnel United Nations agency is appropriate for HACCP, ISO and alternative quality and safety standards, United Nations agency will quickly follow the diversifications to new additives and new technologies and United Nations agency has halal coaching,
  • Ensures that the merchandise and also the manufacturer area unit are recognized and promoted among world Islam.

How to get HALAL Consulting services in Portugal?


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