I truly don't think the answer would be to remove them

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Then there is  Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells the dilemma of determining what's new? How long could we need to utilize spoilers? When exactly does new content prevent being'fresh' and for that?

Maybe spoiler tags should be invited, but I really don't believe they should be a mandatory rule.

I'd like to say I like memorial posts. I like making a safe space for people to discuss their heart and despair with us. I believe that for somebody who doesn't understand the rules to log on and be vulnerable to then get their article removed or not approved would lead to further isolation and hurt.

If you have to change anything, maybe you may add dash to memorial posts to function as a cause warning to people who have unhealed hurt and prefer to skip past those posts.

I truly don't think the answer would be to remove them completely. People today come from a really vulnerable area posting those and are trying to offer their heart to a safe community they hope will take it. I think that it could be really detrimental to find an automatic delete in return.

Also seeing spoilers and time travel, I know think it is a remarkably tough issue to moderate concerning seasonal events and items. I do however feel that spoilers could be used for time locked items (like the mario items) that are hacked in prior to their launch date. This could be less taxing to moderate since there is a fixed release date for those items along with the spoiler tag can be enforced in the afternoon of the update to the day of thing launch. It's not something that disturbs me antique furniture animal crossing new horizons but could be something to think about.