St4ck, the number one on Steam

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St4ck is one of the few Steam players who will appear in various news reports. His current Steam Level is 5000, which should not be surpassed. Because it has surpassed second place by more than a thousand. Moreover, if you dare to exceed him, it is entirely possible that he will spend more money than you again. For such a legendary character, let's take a look at his Steam profile interface.

First of all, his avatar has recently been updated, a dynamic picture of the upper body of a character with his favorite blue parrot on the head. Dynamic is a special effect of brushing the mirror from the bottom left corner to the top. A sky-themed background picture is also set. Some personal image representatives' pictures have also been updated. It can be seen that he likes football and classical palace design. Only the 22 artwork pictures he showed in the inventory can be seen his unique style and hobbies.

Below his level, he displayed his Steam Grand Prix 2019 badge, which is said to be officially designed for him by Steam to reward him for his contribution to the 2019 Summer Grand Prix. It just spent a lot of money, and Steam expressed its gratitude. He also seems to like this unique, in line with his own design. After all, he has a total of 23 profile award badges.

What is shocking is that he has 6,500 badges. Although he owns 4,612 games, the badges of each game have been upgraded 5 times by him. It can be inferred that he has a high probability of having the experience of Buy Steam Level service. Because it takes some time to collect Steam trading cards in the Steam market by yourself. Moreover, he owns 2.52 million items, and it can be judged that he doesn't care whether these items can be sold in the market.

He has joined 6 groups, but only one charity group is directly displayed, which shows that he is also a philanthropist. Of course, he is also a game lover. In the past two weeks, his game duration was 134 hours and he has been playing games almost every day. Assetto Corsa, iRacing, and Z1 Battle Royale are the three games he currently plays.

In addition, I don't know how many followers he has gained through Steam Level Up. But his profile interface has more than 50,000 comments, and his Instagram and twitch followers have more than 10,000 subscribers. For such a person who is rich in assets and loves games, I can only feel his love for games, and his personal characteristics and hobbies, and I hope his future life will be better.