Measures To Prevent Leakage Of Cement Mill

Measures To Prevent Leakage Of Cement Mill


In order to prevent and control the leakage of the cement mill gydraulic system, strengthening the management and standardizing maintenance and repair procedures of hydraulic oil is an important way to control the hydraulic oil pollution and finally prevent the leakage of the cement mill gydraulic system. Therefore, the following three aspects of management must be strengthened in the actual construction:

Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil, standardization of storage and transportation management of hydraulic oil

1) Reasonable management organization and strict rules and regulations shall be established to strengthen the selection and management of hydraulic oil and hydraulic components.

2) The newly purchased hydraulic oil shall be sampled and inspected, and it shall not be stored until it is qualified. The hydraulic oil in stock shall be sampled regularly. If it does not meet the performance index, it is not allowed to be used.

3) Hydraulic oil of different brands shall be stored in different categories. Mixing and mixing are strictly prohibited to prevent mixing.

4) Carry out quality inspection regularly, and only hydraulic oil meeting the requirements can be delivered out.

5) Before using hydraulic oil, filter it to ensure that the impurity content of hydraulic oil meets the requirements.