Digital Workplace: UCaaS Services

Specialization in platforms such as UCaaS workplace services and, with the shift to digital, the adoption of session initiation protocol communications.


NWN presents organizations in this category as cloud service providers and sees itself as a part of that team. Accomplices in this market can also portray their contributions as integrated communications services or digital workplace services.

There are some of these accomplices, fundamentally offering managed services to SMB clients.

Features of cloud communication accomplices

The accomplice model arose in the first months of the pandemic, as "arranging" organizations use a variety of cloud service communication devices.

Ultimately, adopters started to understand the complexity of dealing with a distributed enterprises on various cloud platforms, and accessibility and efficiency grew into issues.

We can mastermind an online meeting, however, what happens if the application closes down? Who will we call a business?

Clients are searching for certainty that their cloud infrastructure will be ready to work and work reliably - the prerequisites they put on other recognizable utilities. Cloud communications experts are addressing this need with an eagerness to provide accessibility and performance under the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Other key results incorporate security services and management and analytics tools.

The lack of appropriate devices "one of the fundamental gaps" for organizations, government offices, and educational institutions that use cloud communication platforms. Big companies have used tools to monitor and manage local communications and infrastructure for quite a long time. These opportunities don't convert into the cloud.

Against this background, NWN offers its Experience Management Platform (EMP), which incorporates reports and dashboards covering the workplace, identification, and revision of cybersecurity events.

The platform also provides information on the use and management of SLAs, as well as infrastructure management and monitoring.

Used about analytics, it allows clients to see various levels of data. The UCaaS management can see billing and discount data, while the HR manager can see how long workers use voice or video.

The Managed Consulting Services Provider has its take on how these cloud communications providers distinguish themselves.