Would these folks really have fun playing Runescape?

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Searching through a Treasure Trail Guide, I noticed a few very rare, and quite expensive products. However, what is most gamers do not get these things very often. Some could do hundreds of clues looking to get 3rd Age, but never get any type of RuneScape gold. This looks odd for me, as people can get that same value in a day or two which makes 500k an hour continuously.

So it seems simple, right? Let us all just forget Clue Scrolls and ability when we play Runescape! Err, wait. There is another side to this argument. Sure, you might earn a steady paycheck skilling, however you loose something which's essential to the equation. It is called fun. It's the purpose of a movie game, remember? Every single day I log on and see users chugging away for their favorite 99's, making money since I was pointing out. However do these folks really have fun playing Runescape?

I personally will continue to do Treasure Trails. While it might not be the most effective means to make money, it is not all about getting rich. There's a challenge to experience every time I get a Clue, a racing feeling before I open the casket. Can I get a different clue, or will that be my reward? Will the reward be good, or will I must try again sometime later?

Who knows? And that is the point. What's your view? I always see alot of posts asking how to make money, the replies usualy are dull, require cmbat skills to be large, or need high stats (75+). My way is really straightforward, and maximizes at 460k a hour. The minimum you may make is 100k an hour. You need 50 rc, not gonna take too long... Want 50 rc. To play this game, players have to have a Runecrafting level of at least 50, and they should also have completed the Rune Mysteries quest. The tower is situated south of Draynor Village, or Old School RS Gold throughout the East teleport from the Wizards' Guild. The aim of the game is for players to move because many orbs corresponding to their team color as they can to the altars. The group having the most orbs once the timer runs out wins. Tips: Having a top runecrafting level makes your barriers stronger and you are able to split the opposing teams barriers much more readily. Always have at least 8 (or 6 to get non-members) inventory spaces reserved for carrying the crafted runes. This removes the need of banking runes after every game. Try to maintain as many essence as possible before the last round, where Nature runes might be crafted. This is because Nature runes are the most profitable runes, selling for around 310 coins each.