The Sylvanas/Bolvar Cinematic was impressive.

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Legion: Varian as Badass-Demon-Killer? Also, big fights on WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold Broken Shore, yes! But what about narrative or otherwise? There's not much to see other than this, but I enjoy it this way. It's also true that Varian is always better than Andiun. This kiddo isn't my personal favorite, but he's at the very least a better king that Greymane .

BFA The BFA: Yes, I am a fan of this film. The entire Alliance-Horde series is somewhat obsolete. It's just a placeholder for that time where no major players have to defeat. (BFA as well as MoP were the only expansions with war). And even in MoP was more war between the factions than BFA)

WotLK: Arthas, the best Lich King. Was there anything else?

TBC What if you're not prepared, Space Goats and Mana-Junkie-Elves? It's delicious and nostalgic.

Vanilla: For the very first film-based game in which you don't need to tell a big story , but instead show the possibilities you can have in this game. Absolutely genius. The animations were good at the time back then, but cinematics were among the biggest and most impressing things Blizz had done back in the days and they've delivered it with excellent games.

MoP ... I really hate this comic-relief-cinematic. One of the survivors gets pulled by a big panda. But I don't like this approach at all, especially when you consider this whole Kung-Fu-Panda-moviecrap that got in same time really big ... The similarities to MoP's cinematic made it a bad film. It was well made, however. However ... the pandas are just one more reason that I'm not really a fan of the expansion. Prior to MoP there was only one Pandaren to be found in Warcraft, Chen. Even he was an possible character in the optional campaign included in the expansion of Warcraft 3.

The Sylvanas/Bolvar Cinematic was impressive. I would rate it higher, even if just because of the twist ending. It was truly shocking. However, I'd completely neglected the "Beyond the Veil" cinematic that was the official trailer cinematic of the game. While the animation is stunning however, it's dull and boring.

I'm looking at returning to WoW because I was a huge fan up until Cataclysm. I loved the game up through WotLK and am thinking of giving up retail and opting for Classic or Classic TBC. I'm confused as to how the Classic and Classic TBC function. If I create the character in Classic does this mean that I'll never be able to utilize this character for Classic TBC content? What happens if a Classic TBC character is released and cheap WOW TBC Gold Classic WotLK content is published? I'm still unsure of the path through these many old games. Would love it if someone could help in understanding the process for me.