Are You Guys Buying NBA2K21?

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The redone shooting sucks. They had to do something with it, but the perfect stick does too much shit now. I hate it. Mike Wang will create 8 spots when it released and altered everything though. I'm not buying it anyway. The redone shooting stinks. They had to NBA 2K21 MT Coins do something with it, but the ideal stick does a lot of shit now. I hate it. Mike Wang will make 8 spots as soon as it released and altered everything though. So fuck it. I am not buying it anyhow. I'm not, I'll be playing 20 for a short time. I downloaded 20 again and I think it'll still be quite busy online even when 21 drops.

Not for current gen, game comes out so soon and we can already see this game could've been a patch upgrade for 2k20. All the resources probably went to next gen so I'll wait and maintain playing 20 at the meantime. I've purchased every NBA 2K since the initial one on Dreamcast. I have the physical current gen Mamba Edition pre-ordered from Best Buy since I want the steelbook case that it comes with. I will not be playing a lot of the current gen version but I end up saving $10 on the next gen version because I was probably gonna purchase 200k VC anyway. Sucks that all the Kobe MyPLAYER equipment won't move though. I will be buying only because I don't even buy 2k every year, therefore it was never a custom for me to throw away money anyway. . . .honestly Kobe's death. . .makes me want to associate with basketball again in every way possible.

I just bought NBA2K21 and it is my first time playing NBA2K since 2K17. I had been told by a buddy you could have cpu vs cpu matches in blacktop and you did not need to decide on a team. I thought this would be fun to do so I could create matchups involving the greatest basketball players of all time and only watch them perform, but it is still making me pick a negative.

ADs really difficult to build - I created a 6'9 Glass Cleaning Finisher with slasher takeover and maxed shooting, it told me my build is much like AD but he can not shoot out MT for sale 2K21 always like AD but the shield and inside game is very much like AD. Or you could do like the OP stated and make a glass shooter but then will lack on within game. There's no ideal build for him but will need to pick between red with either finishing, shooting, or playmaking and try to balance him according to your favorite play style.